The weather doesn't always play nice.

The weather doesn’t always play nice.

What is prepping?

One definition, which is more general is:

“the action or process of preparing something, or preparing for something.”

However, especially in the North American lexicon, is can also be defined as:

“the practice of making active preparations for a possible catastrophic disaster or emergency, typically by stockpiling food, ammunition, and other supplies.”

But even with both those concepts in hand prepping still means many different things to different people. Often the term conjures up images of a grizzled survivalist type, bandoliers of ammunition across his chest, an AK-47 slung from his back and a litany of conspiracy theories providing the fuel to his tireless taskmaster. He toils endlessly, caching shelf-stable foodstuffs, water and gear in an underground desert bunker. Certainly, that might be one end of the spectrum, and while it might be easy to poke fun and dismiss him as a crackpot, should any of his theories bear fruit he will be the one left laughing.

At the other end of the spectrum…well I think we’ve all seen the other end. You see them pulled over at the side of the road and you pull over to help. They have a flat tire and no idea how to change it. You lend a hand and upon popping the trunk you find the spare to be flat or missing entirely, along with the jack. You advise calling the auto club, or a friend or relative, but even if they do have a cell phone it is dead.

The rest of us lie somewhere in between, from the self-sufficient ready-for-anything type to the perpetually caught-with-your-pants-down type. Personally, I endeavour to lean toward the former. To me, prepping is about preparedness and self-sufficiency– not for zombie apocalypses and economic collapse– but for day-to-day living. Whether you think about it as prepping or not, you might already fall on the more favourable end of the spectrum. Do you keep your phone charged? Do you haveĀ  a spare key for your house? Do you carry any item of utility on you most of the time? If they power goes out, do you have a flashlight handy?

Prepping is both a skill and a lifestyle, and again there is neither a right vs. wrong way, nor any particular level that you must attain other than what makes you comfortable.

I have added the PARENT to PREPPED PARENT because:

a) I have children and,

b) children change everything.

Preparedness takes on a whole new meaning when you introduce tiny humans to the mix. Everyday children present challenges and opportunities like allergies and Epipens, emergency diaper changes and rapid onset stomach ailments. You learn as you go and hone your skills with practice and experience.

So follow this blog for tips and tricks for becoming a more prepared individual, or parent and feel free to share with us you ideas and practices along the way.

Prepping in the end, is not preparing for any single event, it is simply preparing for life.