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Winter Driving: 1st Snow of the Season

It’s cold now, officially since the weather station on the mantle has read in the minuses for a few days in a row and I definitely saw an iced-over puddle on my drive to work. The other day, on my drive home, on and off flurries did a number on the roads and the commute turned into a ballet on ice, although ballet denotes a sense of grace that was completely lacking. Traffic slowed to a crawl and the first real snow of the season had the predictable results — fender benders, white-knucklers and the naked exposure of those with summer tires sliding every which way.

Recently Montreal felt my pain:


Montreal, from what I understand, has a snow tire mandate, looks like some of them didn’t get the memo–that or the surface is so slick they need studded tires.

Snow Tires

Winter treads on all four corners this year.

I do recommend snow tires if you have any sort of commute or travel in adverse winter conditions. This season I put winter tires on my 4×4–something some folks might scoff at–but I’m also keenly aware that the first ditch-bound vehicles I see every winter seem to be SUVs and 4×4 pickups. While 4-wheel drive is wonderful, it isn’t a complete replacement for proper tires, in my opinion.

Preparedness is often about risk management, or risk reduction, and this is a great way to reduce your risk of having a weather-related incident this winter. Plus, I’m often loaded with precious cargo and as a parent I try not to skimp on safety.

#ProTip: If you do get snow tires, or already have them, be sure to contact your insurance company to see if you are eligible for a discount.


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